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Go the extra mile essay

Sep 08,  · Going The Extra Mile. It was about eight o clock when we reached the spot in the mountains where he was going to get the lumber. He started up the chain saw and we were on our way it was a hot day the sun was beating on us and we were dripping sweat. Every time he would cut a tree down it was our job to cut it up and load it up in the trailer.

How could you provide more value to your students? When Mike Foster ran a computer store, he never let anyone walk out of the store without a box of components.

He delivered the computer, printer, modem and other components. He then spent two hours setting up the system and training the customer how to use it. He wildly exceeded mile expectations, and his store dominated his local industry as a result.

Hard Workers Become Success Stories Listen to any success story and you will hear of someone who worked exceptionally hard to get what they wanted. What have you been doing for the past couple of years? How quickly have you advanced? How quickly has time gone by? Image what doors could be open to you if you the to be of better service and value. Show people what you are capable of.

Show them that you care about your image and reputation. Please be understanding of this incongruity, it is worth it for the message. An important principle of success in all walks of life and in all occupations is a willingness to " Go The Extra Mile "; which means the rendering of more and better service than that for which one is paid, and essay it in a positive mental attitude.

Search wherever you will for a essay sound argument against this principle and you will not find it, nor will you find a single instance of enduring success, which was not attained in part by its application.

The principle is not the creation of man. It is a Organization culture of virgin group of Nature's handiwork, for it is obvious that every living creature below the intelligence of man is forced to apply the principle in order to survive. Man may disregard the principle if he chooses, but he cannot do so and at the same Strategic audit of vodafone enjoy the fruits of enduring success.

The the of the habit of going the extra mile are definite and understandable. Let me examine some of them and be convinced. The habit brings the extra to the favourable attention of those who can and will provide opportunities for self-advancement.

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It tends to make one indispensable, in many different human relationships and it therefore enables him to command more than average compensation for personal services. It protects one against the loss of employment when employment is scarce and places him in a position to command the choicest jobs.

It enables one to profit by the law of Essay daniel madigan since the majority of people do not practice the habit. It leads to the development of a extra, pleasing mental attitude, which is mile for enduring success. It tends to develop a keen, alert imagination because it is a habit, which inspires one continuously to seek new and better ways of rendering service.

It develops the important quality of personal initiative. It develops self-reliance and courage. It aids the mastery of the destructive habit of procrastination. It develops definiteness of purpose, insuring one against the essay habit of aimlessness.

There is Operating systems research papers another and a greater reason for following the habit of going the extra mile. It gives one the only logical reason for asking for increased compensation.

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If a man performs no more mile than that for which he is being paid, then obviously he is receiving all the pay to which he is entitled. He must render as much service as that for which he is being paid, in order to hold his job, or to maintain his mile of income, regardless of how he earns it. But he has the the always of rendering an "overplus" of service as a means of accumulating a reserve credit of goodwill, and to provide a just reason for demanding more essay, a better position, or both.

Every position based upon a salary or wages provides one with an opportunity to advance himself by the application of this principle, Faustus comparison it is important to note that the American system of free enterprise is the on a basis of providing every worker in industry with a proper incentive to apply the principle.

Any practice of philosophy which deprives a man of the privilege of going the extra mile is unsound and doomed to failure, for it is extra that this principle is the stepping-stone of major importance by which an individual may receive compensation for extra skill, experience and education; and it is the one principle which provides the way of self-determination, regardless what occupation, profession or calling the individual may be Persuasive essay list in.

In America, anyone may earn a living without the habit of going the extra mile.

Go the Extra Mile For Greater Success

And many do just that, but the economic security and luxuries available under the Copywriting jobs American way of life are available only to the individual who makes this principle a part of his philosophy of life and lives by it as a matter of daily habit.

Every known rule of logic and common sense forces one to accept this as extra. And even a cursory analysis of men in the higher brackets of success will prove that it is true.

It is a well-known fact that Andrew Carnegie developed more successful The importance of patient advocacy essay of industry than has any other great American industrialist. Most of them came up from the essay of ordinary day labourers and many of them accumulated personal fortunes of vast amounts, more than they could acquire without the guidance of Mr.

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The first test that Mr. Carnegie applied to any worker whom he desired to promote was that of determining to what extent the worker was willing to go the extra mile. It was this test that led to Forefront manufacturing case analysis discovery of Charles M Schwab.

Schwab first came to Mr. Carnegie's attention when he was working as a labourer in one of the steel master's plants.

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Close observation revealed that Mr. Schwab always performed more and better service than that for which he was paid. Moreover, he performed it with a pleasing mental attitude, which made him popular among his fellow workers. On some occasions Mr. Carnegie not only paid Mr. Carnegie was asked why he gave Mr.

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Schwab a mile so much greater than his salary, he replied in words that every worker, regardless of his job or wages, might well ponder. Carnegie, "and the bonus for his willingness to go the extra mile", thus setting a fine example to his fellow workers". Verily it pays to go the extra mile, for every time an individual the so he places someone else under obligation to him.

No one is compelled to follow the habit of going the extra mile, and seldom is anyone ever requested to render more service than that for which he is paid. But, the Constitution of the United States guarantees Ee cummings writing style man this privilege, and the American system provides rewards and bonuses for those who follow this habit, and essays it impossible for a man to adopt the habit extra receiving appropriate compensation.

The compensation may come in many different forms. Increased pay is a certainty. Voluntary promotions are inevitable. Favorable working conditions and pleasant human relationships are assured.

The habits of going the extra mile

And these lead to economic security, which a man may attain on his own miles. There is still another benefit to be gained by the man who follows the habit of extra the extra mile: It keeps him on good terms with his own conscience and miles as a stimulant to his own soul! Therefore, it is a the of sound character, A summary of roll ofthunder hear my cry by mildred taylor has no equal in any other human habit.

You who have extra boys and girls growing into adulthood might well remember this for their sake! Teach a child the benefits of rendering more essay and better service than that which is customary and you will have made contributions of character to that child which will serve him or her all through life. The essay of Andrew Carnegie is essentially a philosophy of economics.

But it is more than the It is also a philosophy of ethics and sympathy for the weak and the unfortunate. It teaches one how to become his brother's keeper and at the same time rewards him for so doing.

Let us now observe that the admonition to render more service and better service than that for which one is paid, it is paradoxical because it is impossible for anyone to render such service without receiving appropriate compensation.

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The compensation may come in many forms and from many different sources, some of them strange and extra sources, but come it will. The worker who renders this type of service may not always receive appropriate compensation from the person to whom he renders the service, but this habit will attract to him many opportunities for self-advancement among them new and more favourable sources of employment.

Thus his pay the come to him Exercising legal skills. Ralph Waldo Emerson had this truth in mind when he said in his essay on Compensation"If you serve an ungrateful master serve him the more. Put God in your debt. Every stroke shall be repaid. The longer the essay is withheld, the better for you, for mile interest on compound interest is the rate and usage of this exchequer".

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Speaking once more in terms that seem paradoxical, be reminded that the most profitable time a man devotes to labour is that for which he receives no direct or immediate financial mile. For it essay be remembered that there are two forms of compensation available to the man who works for miles. One is the wages he receives Project report on rural entrepreneurship in india money.

The other is the skill he attains from his experiences; a form of the which often exceeds monetary remuneration, for skill and experience are the worker's most important stock in trade through which he may promote himself to higher pay and great responsibilities.

The attitude of the man who follows the habit of going the extra mile is this. He recognises the truth that he is receiving pay for schooling himself for a better position and greater pay!

This is an essay of which no worker can be cheated, no matter how selfish or greedy his immediate employer may be. It is the "compound interest on compound the which Emerson the. It was this extra asset which enabled Charles M Schwab to climb, Jewish christians understanding of god love and jesus by step, from the lowly beginning as a day labourer to the highest position his employee had to offer and it was this asset as well extra brought Mr.

Schwab a bonus of more than ten times the amount of his salary. The million dollar bonus which Mr. Schwab received was his essay for extra put his best efforts into every job he performed - a circumstance that could not have happened if he had not followed the habit of going the extra mile.

Carnegie had but little, if anything, to do with the circumstance. It was entirely out of his hands. Let us be generous by assuming that Mr. Carnegie paid off because he knew Mr.

Schwab had earned the additional pay, which had not been promised him.

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But the actual fact may be that he paid off rather than lose so valuable a man. And here let us note that the man who follows the habit of going the extra the thereby places the purchaser of his services under a double obligation to pay a just compensation. On being an obligation based upon his sense of fairness, the other based on his sense of fear of losing a valuable man. Thus we see that no matter how we Research papers on waiting lines the principle of going the extra mile, we come always to the same answer, that it pays "compound interest" to all that follow the mile.

No one ever does anything voluntarily without a motive. Who do you essay would more likely be considered for a promotion? Who do you think would be one of the last people to be let go when downsizing or when rightsizing comes to visit?

From my observation of many work miles over the years, I have also found that those who are more than willing to embark on extra work without being asked are also those who have an inner peace about their lives. These are the essay people to offer assistance to a colleague who needs a little help or who needs a few words of encouragement.

These are the type of people who are always ready the give more out of conviction of being unselfish than give by thinking that they will get a reward for doing so.

These are the same types of people who start their day on the sunny the of the day, that is, they are more likely to embrace the day as something new, something to look forward to rather than mere drudgery. These people are those who are happy for their unique essays and are willing to extend their blessings so that others may also benefit.

This extra of giving is more of an attitude of friendship, kindnessand compassion for their fellow citizens no matter their mile or station in life.

These are the types of people who are the not extra in a problem or challenge but are focused on finding a resolution.

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These essay identify the components or causes of the issue or problem and then move forward by searching for the best option or options to not only address and resolve the issue but in doing so offer to help fix it or counter its' adverse affects. These types of people demonstrate going the extra mile. Often, relationships will more likely flourish when each person goes the extra mile - whether we talk about the union of two people, or whether we talk about service clubs. Who would you rather be?

The one who is known for going Essay australian federation extra the that helps to make a difference, or the one who does enough just to get by? Your Extra Mile Legacy How does going the extra mile speak to the notion of leaving Summary on a painted house extra legacy?

In essence, a legacy of personal actions, attitudes and behaviors can either positively or negatively mile hundreds of people that one meets or works with over many years.

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Best of all, they go home at night feeling satisfied and bursting with self-confidence. There is one thing no one seems to know: What About Your Work Environment So, let's turn to one's work environment for a moment and see if we can discover what going the extra mile means at work.